Invaluable Branding

My main objective at Invaluable has been to elevate the brand.


Vision, Mission & Values: Took 30 employees through a six month process to rewrite the vision, mission and values of the company. Knowing why you do what you do is essential to establishing a strong brand presence.

Branding Statement: Established a new branding statement and platform that has been applied to video, digital, social and print.

Brand Video: Created Invaluable’s national brand video.

Invaluable Connections Video Series: Recruited and worked with auction houses to create a series of Invaluable branded videos demystifying the inaccessibility of the auction house industry.

Onsite Transactional Emails: Rebranded transactional e-mails connecting more users to the online marketplace.

Invaluable Blog Branding: Established a consistent look and feel for the Invaluable blog creative and our growing following.

Vision, Mission & Values

A Sampling of the Vision, Mission & Values Team Process

Branding Statement in Print Ad
“Indulge your passion. Find your treasure.”

Social Media – Facebook Cover Image

Social Media – Twitter

Social Media – Instagram Story

Email Modals
Animated e-mail modals where created for top-selling categories and personalized for a customer’s preferences.

Brand Video

Auction House Videos
Demystifying the Auction House Business

Transactional Email Redesign: Won Lot Email
Emails triggered onsite were all redesigned for optimal user experience.
(Top section auto-populates from auction items on the website.)

Old Email Design: Won Lot Email
An example of the outdated emails my team recreated.

Blog Visual Branding
We needed to set a look for the visual assets on the blog. I created a set of secondary colors for a more robust palette, secondary fonts and direction for illustrations and imagery.

Blog Infographic Branding
My team worked with a content marketing company, Siege.